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About The Nail Kitchen

Who am I?


My name is Kamila and for several years I professionally deals in nail stylization and hand and foot care.

I offered myself wholeheartedly to this subject,

Everyday I delve my knowledge and devote myself to my passion.

I can’t wait to share my acquaintance and experience with you.

I invite you to my store, where there are professional and proven products that are lacking on the Norwegian market.

They inspire me to work every day and I hope that it will be the same with you. Please, make yourself comfortable with me, reach out to me with questions, comments, or just a simple hello!

What is The Nail Kitchen?

The Nail Kitchen a shop where you can buy all the products and accessories necessary for the care of feet or hands skin, preparation and styling of the nails.  Just like in the kitchen where we need many products to create the final dish, The same true is for nail stylization.

So I invite you to look at your hands or nails from the kitchen.

TNK cooperates with reliable companies Reforma Norge with many years of experience in the market. Each product is personally shaken before it is for sale.

TNK values ​​quality, durability of products and professionalism, which is why the offer is addressed mainly to beauty salons and professionals.

If you are not professional, but you want to take care of your skin and nails, then you are in the right place,

Here you will always find something for yourself and get professional advice.

Let's inspire each other.

Kamila Szukala Officiar ReformA Importer
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