Acrylic Gel is a new generation product for professional nail styling.It combines the great features of acrylic and hard gel.The application process is similar to working with acrylic and the product hardens in a LED lamp like a gel.Advantages of Acrylic Gel:- No odor.- Easy to apply and to work with, time-saving.- Comfortable to work with even for a beginner.- Control over the material until the product cures.- Cures in a LED lamp.- Can be used to extend and cure nails.- Easy to file.- The delicate and elastic material is durable and break-resistant.Acrylic Gels are compatible with ReformA gel polishes.We recommend to use Rubber Base gel polish as a base and any top coat for a gloss.

Acrylic Gel Nude 60ml

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  • 1. In the case of extension or curing of nails, natural nails should be prepared as always, then degrease by Nail Prep, apply Ultrabond and Rubber Base ReformA.
    2. Using a spatula in a brush, squeeze and remove the appropriate amount of Polygel and apply on the nails. Damp the Polygel brush with Cleanser ReformA and pat the desired shape of the nails.
    If the material will stick to the brush, just soak it in the Cleanser.
    3. Cure the product in the LED lamp for 30-60 sec.
    4. Trim it and apply Top Coat or Glide Top ReformA

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