Get into the world of ReformA colors! Our Gel Polishes are inspired by the most beautiful colors of nature and imagination. And this set is a real SPLASH of colors!!!

Open the box and get amazed by seven shades:

  • Appletini – green apple,

  • Pineapple Sorbet – pineapple yellow,

  • Bubbles – simply heavenly,

  • Living Coral – coral pink,

  • Ultra Violet – like violet lilac,

  • Carribean – turquoise Carribean Sea,

  • Rainbow Unicorn – sweet, fairy tale pink.


Gel Polish is a new generation of nails care!

Forget about not lasting and peeling off colors, experience super shiny lasting and incredible quality of ReformA Gel Polishes.

Nine reasons thanks to which You will love them:

  • They have beautiful colors, You can find juicy neons as well as delicate nudes and all shades between them - a total of over 200 and we still introduce new ones!

  • Even a beginner could apply them easily - they have consistence of yoghurt so You can spread them comfortably.

  • They have delicate smell.

  • They cure fast so You save time and protect nails.

  • They are self-levelling and have good adhesion to natural nails, gel, acrylic and acrylic gel.

  • They are ideal for manicure and pedicure.

  • They are incredibly lasting.

  • They don't peel or flake off.

  • They guarantee beautiful covering after applying 1-2 layers.

All gel polishes are available in bottles with brushes with a capacity of 10ml, and some of them also in bottles with a capacity of 3ml.

Try also our incredible bases and tops.

ReformA Educator's advices:

When You apply gel polish remember not to touch the underside with a brush.

Delicately stroking with a brush, apply gel polish in the air - then You will get smooth and beautiful surface.

Each color apply on cured base and at the end cover it with top.

Curing time in UV lamp: 2min, in LED lamp: 1min - 20sec, in CCFL 48W lamp: 1min - 20sec.

The curing time of gel products and gel polishes depends on the power of lamp and bulbs, always check individually the curing time of gel or gel polish.

Color IN Set, 7 X 10ml

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