A mesmerizing shining gel polish with a cat eye effect has clearly won many hearts over, and it is only natural that the exciting play of colors is gaining even more popularity. 

The nail polish has many small metal particles in its composition, thus creating its unique feature. When applying cat eye to the nails, heavy particles fall down. The magnet helps releasing the particles and thus turns a simple manicure into the countless field of designing opportunities. The only thing left to do is cure! Be sure to shake the bottle with the nail polish before using it – it`ll make all the difference.

To create the perfect cat eye manicure, follow these simple rules and keep the order of applying the layers: 

💎 1. Remove the old nail polish and prepare the nails, then apply the base coat. The magnetic nail polish has the same composition as other gel polishes, so the usual base coat and top coat will be a perfect choice. It`s advisable to use smoothing products since the cat eye effect is far more impressive on a perfectly smooth surface. Cure the base coat.

💎 2. Apply the first layer of the nail polish (don`t forget about the edges), cure the polish. There`s no actual difference whether you use the magnet on one layer, or on both. However, some nail artists note that the stripe becomes deeper and clearer when the magnet is used on both layers.

The best effect may be achieved when the cat eye polish is applied on top of the black layer. Any black gel will help with this, for example, ReformA`s Black King.

💎 3. Apply the second layer of the cat eye gel polish. Note that the magnet may be used only on a wet surface, so it`s recommended to follow this algorithm: apply gel polish, use the magnet, cure every nail separately. It would be best to use the special magnet, such as ReformA Magnet. Hold it on a 3-5 mm distance from a nail at the same angle for 5-10 seconds. Don`t use the magnet for more than 12 seconds, as it may ruin the final result.

💎 4. The last stage is applying the top layer. The cat eye manicure looks great in both glass and matte. So, be sure to offer both a glass top coat and a matte top coat to your clients. Something tells us, it would be a really tough choice!

Start your fall with experiments together with ReformA!

Gel Polish Cat Eye- Manx, 10ml

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