Gel Polish Cover Base Nude 10ml




Recently, brand-new natural gel polishes of ReformA have appeared.

The three shades have been adapted to nearly every tone of a nail bed, that is why a manicure wearing one of them will look the most natural.

In order to get the perfect natural coating or an elegant French manicure, the way of application is quite conventional but we will reveal some secrets you should know while working with a dense base:


The three shades are quickly gaining their popularity with manicurists. Indeed, reliable and flawless materials serve as a solid ground for your creativity.

Gel Polish Cover Base Milky 10ml

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  • 1. Prepare a natural nail for applying artificial materials following the standard procedure. Use a 320-grit file, remove the dust and apply Nail prep dehydrator.


    2. Apply a layer of Gel Polish Base Coat or a layer of the resilient Gel Polish Rubber Base, cure it for 30 seconds in a LED-lamp.


    3. Apply any of the Cover Bases in a very thin layer but don’t cure it.


    4. Place a bead of it in the apex area. Distribute the bead along the entire surface of the nail.


    5. Turn the finger nail down in order for the translucent resilient Cover Base to get evenly distributed along the entire surface leaving no grooves. Hold it like that for about 10 seconds and cure the layer for 30 seconds in a LED-lamp afterwards.


    6. When doing a French manicure, remove a dispersion layer and paint a smile line along the free edge with White Queen, a flawless white polish.


    7. Apply a Top Coat of ReformA and cure it for 30 seconds in a LED-lamp. Wipe off a dispersion layer and… it is not a magic but our cover bases:-)

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