Top applied on gel polishes with black particles that look like quail eggs or stones.

Such a manicure is a sensation!

This is another top innovation for your nails after Tops Sparkle, Opal and Galaxy.

Try both delightful versions:

Gel Polish Black Egg Top Matte - colorless matte top with black particles,

Gel Polish Black Egg Top - colorless glossy top with black particles.

Apply on any gel polish if you want to add a surprising finish to the styling.

Both colors are available in 10ml.

They do not leave a sticky dispersion layer.

Curing time in a UV lamp: 2min, CCFL: 1min, LED: 30sec-1min, DUAL LED: 10-30sec.

The curing time of gel products and gel polishes depends on the power of the lamp and bulbs, it is necessary to check individually how long the gel polish or gel will cure.

Gel Polish- Egg Top Coat, 10ml

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