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Mixture of gel and acrylic – we apply it similar to acrylic and cure in the lamp as gel.

It can be used to extend and harden nails.

This is the most modern method, even a beginner can model ideal nails!

Eight features of Acrylic Gel, which make Your work more comfortable:

It’s easy to apply even for begginers.

Nothing runs down the cuticles during application.

It’s fragrance-free.

It saves a lot of work time.

It doesn’t pinch in a lamp as gel.

You can control the material since the moment of cure.

It’s delicate and elastic so it’s less sensitive to break.

It’s compatible with ReformA Gel Polishes.

Step by step:

In case of extending or hardening nails You should prepare them to stylization as always, then degrease them with Nail Prep, apply on them Ultrabond and Rubber Base or any Cover Base.

Press an adequate amount of Acrylic Gel and apply it on the nails with a spatula at the end of a brush.

Dip Acrylic Gel brush delicately in liquid ReformA Cleanser and model wanted shape of nails. If the material sticks to the brush, dip it in Cleanser. Cure it.

File it very delicately and apply any ReformA Top Gel Polish, f.e. Top Coat or Glide Top.


ReformA Educator's advices:

Curing time in UV lamp: 120sec, in LED lamp: 30-60sec.

The curing time of acrylic gel products depends on the power of lamp and bulbs, always check individually the curing time of acrylic gel.

Try ReformA brushes specifically designed for this technique!

They have longer bristles and a metal spatula at the other end - it makes working in acrylic gel technique easier.

They are available in three sizes: #4, #6 and #8.

Acrylic Gel Aplomb, 30ml

kr 399,00Price
VAT Included
  • 1. In the case of extension or curing of nails, natural nails should be prepared as always, then degrease by Nail Prep, apply Ultrabond and Rubber Base ReformA.
    2. Using a spatula in a brush, squeeze and remove the appropriate amount of Polygel and apply on the nails. Damp the Polygel brush with Cleanser ReformA and pat the desired shape of the nails.
    If the material will stick to the brush, just soak it in the Cleanser.
    3. Cure the product in the LED lamp for 30-60 sec.
    4. Trim it and apply Top Coat or Glide Top ReformA


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